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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Record borrowing outside of world wars

20 October 2020:  With the UK in one of its fastest debt spirals it is going to take a generation to balance the books.  The table below shows the only comparable gap in GDP vs. debt… war. How we move forward we don’t yet know.  The chancellor’s budget keeps getting postponed and understandably so.  How can...
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Helping our communities

14 October 2020:  Every year here at BRI we bring our offices together for a charity day, whereby a day of our staff’s time is given to volunteer at a local charity. Unfortunately this year, due to the pandemic, we have been unable to support a charity in this way. However, we still wished to...
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Further substantial payment to HMRC

8 October 2020: We posted in March on this particular matter whereby £250,000 was paid to HMRC in respect of a Company Voluntary Arrangement (“CVA”) that is being dealt with by BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency’s Northampton office. We are pleased to report a further substantial payment of £150,000 has been paid to HMRC. The company...
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Covid-19 wiping out fashion

6 October 2020:  Lockdown has knocked the fashion industry off its pedestal. Not only have shops and factories closed but the way we work, travel and, consequently, shop has been upended, prompting a dramatic reset in our attitudes to consumerism. The swinging Sixties, Seventies punk and Nineties grunge transformed society and Covid is wiping out...
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More High Street restructurings

1 October 2020: Cote Brasserie is the latest name on the High Street to undertake a formal insolvency process in order to restructure its operations. The chain of restaurants was acquired by new investors via a pre-pack administration, securing the future of 94 restaurants and 3,148 jobs. Only three outlets operating under...
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