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As with all such problems, when it comes to restructuring, the earlier BRI is called, the better the prospects of recovery and success.

What is Restructuring? 

Restructuring is a term used to describe the reorganisation of a company’s structure and financial operations. Sometimes, this also includes reorganising the legal ownership and other corporate structures of a company when financial difficulties are being faced. For successful restructuring, seeking the input and advice of an external third party is recommended.

Whilst the intention is generally to avoid the need for a formal restructuring procedure where possible, they do offer vital protection from hostile creditors whilst a strategy is drawn and implemented. BRI knows these waters well and can provide you with a safe port in a storm.

Restructuring can be a lifeline for companies that are struggling but are capable of being rescued. There are several options when it comes to restructuring.

Restructuring Procedures and Plans 

Different restructuring procedures available to us include:

What to do if Your Company Might Need a Restructuring Plan 

When your company experiences a cash-flow crisis, it can give rise to panic. However, finding the time/space to stop, reflect and look at things properly can also provide opportunities. BRI can help.

All too often, businesses look to solve their own problems by seeking immediate cash injections via the personal funds of a director or a lender, which ordinarily comes with security over the business assets and/or a director’s personal guarantee.

You need to fix the underlying structural problems first; otherwise, the phrase “good money after bad” may never have been truer.

Our restructuring professionals are happy to be your “phone a friend” and will help you build a platform for future success. This will start with a business and solvency review. You will then get the help you need to implement any required restructuring plan, including introductions to alternative funding options where what the funders are looking for is already known and understood, ensuring that your time is well-spent.

Other Reasons for Restructuring 

Financial pressures may not be the only trigger for restructuring a business; advice may be sought when the following are required:

  • Stabilisation and operational turnaround;
  • Demergers and corporate splits;
  • Streamlining the group structure;
  • Managed exits

Contact BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency if you would like further information and assistance regarding any aspect of restructuring your business. There is no charge for doing so, and it is done without obligation.

Informal Agreements

Informal Agreements including Time to Pay Arrangements with HMRC.



Moratoriums provide breathing space for companies. They provide protection from creditors whilst the company explores rescue options in the hope of avoiding a formal insolvency procedure.


Company Voluntary Arrangement

A company voluntary arrangement (‘CVA’) allows a business to continue to trade in its current form or provide for a controlled closure.


Court Approved Restructuring Plan

A restructuring plan is a Court-approved agreement between a company and its creditors to restructure its debt often allowing it to pay back some, or all of it, over a period of time.



When a company encounters financial difficulty it can be put into administration by a floating charge holder or the directors/shareholders.


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