GW, Company Director, Milton Keynes

“I was introduced to BRI and Peter Windatt by a mutual business colleague who urged me to go talk to Peter when I was wrestling with a particularly tricky situation and a very slippery adversary – so along I went armed with copious notes, facts and figures to prove beyond all doubt that I was Mr. Reasonable and the other guy was Mr. Impossibletodealwith.

Peter listened for all of 3 minutes before asking me a couple of pertinent questions which made me stop and think what I was actually trying to achieve. As a result, and with Peter’s help, I composed a telling email and suddenly Mr. Impossibletodealwith tuned into Snow White and we are all now living happily ever after.

Sometimes all you need is a clear head, a knowledge of how people tick and the vision to see the way out of the woods – Peter has all of these in spades.

Wholeheartedly recommend BRI and Peter in particular and will forever be grateful to him.”