Peter Button, Real World Strategy, Oxfordshire

If you go to business networking meetings within a 50 miles radius of Northampton, chances are high that you already know Peter Windatt. Peter is the best networker that I know, by a large margin.

What makes Peter so good at networking also makes him an outstanding insolvency practitioner. Peter is patient, rigorous with follow-up, generous with his time, and always looking for opportunities to connect people in ways that will bring benefit to them.

Peter’s experience over many years in helping companies in the worst of circumstances shines through in his practical wisdom and advice. He is skilled at helping people to understand what needs to be done, especially when hard choices are needed. Peter provides support to his clients in situations that nobody wanted and he provides his support with evident knowledge, experience, respect and sensitivity.

If you are looking for help from an outstanding insolvency practitioner, I recommend Peter without reservation. Be aware that Peter’s very dry sense of humour makes an appearance in most conversations…