Jacquie Jackson, MDL, Milton Keynes

“These guys just get it right. In a small business, one bad decision can accelerate you to a place where everything you have fought to build is threatened. We found our 12 year old business in such a place; after a disputed contract we were being pursued by an aggressive creditor who resisted any form of agreement.

Our solicitor recommended BRI and within minutes of meeting Tom we knew we were in the right hands.

He was pragmatic, straightforward and prepared to discuss the uncomfortable in a considerate and balanced way. Tom was diligent in his assessment of the situation, probing for details and ensuring that he fully understood before engaging our creditor with a well-considered proposal.

BRI reached an agreement on our behalf and we can now get on with running our business. We would recommend BRI to any small business owner who finds themselves in a tight spot and needs constructive, expert help.”