BRI Charity Day in the Diary!

June 3, 2024

Every year, each of the BRI offices covering Coventry, Hitchin, Milton Keynes and Northampton come together and volunteer a full working day to a local charity and help them in any way they can and in whatever they do.

This year, the BRI team will be volunteering their time to the Buckingham Canal Society at their Cosgrove site and will be assisting in providing general restoration and improvements works along the canal (hard hats and high-vis jackets at the ready!).

Life by the canal

The Buckingham Canal Society preserve and protect the line of the canal which stretches from Buckingham to Cosgove. Their overall plan for the future is to restore the canal and see the canal re-open. Every inch of the restoration is made possible by donations and volunteering.

The restoration and improvement works will bring new life, new recreational opportunities and new environmentally-friendly businesses to the countryside and towns between Cosgrove and Buckingham.

Positive Factors

The overall improvement of the waterways has a number of positive outcomes. Not only will the habitat of local wildlife improve, but it can also increase public interest in heritage, conservation and biodiversity which will be to the benefit of future generations.

To find out more about the Buckingham Canal Society please visit their website –


21 employees from the BRI team will be volunteering a day’s work to the Buckingham Canal Society on 4 June 2024 and they are all looking forward to helping restore and improve the Cosgrove site. Please keep an eye out for our future articles where we will let you know how the day went and how we have helped!