BRI Charity Day 2022

July 11, 2022

11 July 2022:  Earlier this month the staff from BRI took part in their first annual charity day since the Coronavirus pandemic.  This year BRI volunteered at the Coventry Foodbank/Feed the Hungry in Coventry.  This Foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups and aims to provide their clients with three days’ worth of emergency food along with other support beyond food, and fed over 34,500 people through the Pandemic up to March 2021.

The donation centre receives quantities of food items, which are donated by members of the public and local supermarkets.  More and more people are turning to the Foodbank for help as a result of the rise in the cost of living and now with the War in Ukraine but unfortunately, donations have dramatically decreased.

BRI’s volunteers were split into two groups, the first group had the task of checking the sell by dates of each food item before sorting them into various categories, for example, beans, noodles, pasta and rice but to name a few.  BRI’s second team were given the task of tidying and sorting out the crates into colour order in the yard.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the volunteering experience on the day; they worked extremely hard and definitely managed to get their steps in!

At BRI we take pride in being able to help others in their time of need. We are most grateful to be able to help the Foodbank for this worthwhile cause and this day gave us complete job satisfaction.  We look forward to continuing to help local communities for many years to come.

A big thank you to the Coventry Foodbank for having us and if you would like to get involved or make a donation, please visit their website