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Ready, Steady, Break


20 March 2018:  The BRI Milton Keynes office held their first pool tournament last week and we are grateful to all 25 guests who attended and supported us in putting on what proved to be a fantastic event.

They say you should never show off how good you are until you have to show how good you are – our guests certainly adopted this attitude.  Despite almost everyone insisting that they were “not very good” or “out of practice”, it soon became clear that we were in the company of some excellent players.

In the initial rounds there were some interesting trick shots being played – well, that’s one way of describing them anyway!  From having a seven ball game to a three way group tie, the night had everything going on.

The tournament culminated in a closely fought final between accountants Rob Butler of MacIntyre Hudson and Darren Kerins of ECL Howard Watson Smith who put on a fine exhibition of skill and strategy.  In the final leg, it all came down to the black ball and, for the first time in the evening, everyone put networking aside to watch the final moments in order to witness who would be crowned the BRI MK Pool Champion 2018.

Our congratulations go to Rob Butler, who walked away victorious with a trophy and bottle of bubbly.  The two finalists can be seen below, with BRI’s Tom Guthrie.