Though it May Feel Like the End of the World…

July 13, 2021

13 July 2021: …don’t worry, it isn’t. The collective groan of (an estimated) 40 million people could be heard across the UK as Saka’s penalty was saved by the Italian goalkeeper. The whistle from the kettle in my kitchen could be heard moments later as I hid away unable to watch the images of Italian fans revelling in their moments of victory.

Sometimes, things are a little hard to take and the best option seems to be wishing it away. Thankfully, the great disappointment here was the loss of a football game, no lives lost or ruined and the world still turns, with the sun rising in the east each morning.

As insolvency practitioners we are no strangers to the sight of disappointed or anxious faces. However, no matter the situation or how dire circumstances may seem there is more often than not light at the end of the tunnel. For example, voices can already be heard talking up the chances of the young England team going one better at next year’s world cup finals.

It is often our role to help individuals and company directors and potentially their staff and creditors, deal with difficult situations when it is apparent that a company is failing and insolvency is required. These situations can also feel like the end of the world for individuals who are now facing uncertain futures. Our approach at BRI is always to work with people, recognising them as individuals and giving the right advice, first time every time to ensure that the best outcome possible is achieved for all parties.

None of us can change the past, we can’t go back and make the Italian ‘keeper dive in the opposite direction and a director may not be able to undo the reasons why their company is insolvent. What we can do at BRI is provide guidance and assistance to that director in a difficult time and help them see that there is still a future and that it most definitely isn’t the end of the world.