As insolvency practitioners we not only provide advice but also provide support for our clients so it was great to hear the following from a director for whom we carried out a solvent liquidation and informed her that the liquidation and our work had concluded.

“That’s great! Thank you for the continued and always very prompt support during the liquidation process.”

The director was originally from France and so English was not her first language and therefore needed a little extra support to help her with understanding the procedures and processes we were required to follow during the MVL process.  We recognise the work we do on daily basis is unknown territory for clients, so going the extra mile to talk them through each step, without the technical jargon, is always appreciated by our clients and reassures them we are here to support at every stage of the process.

Should you wish to read a bit more about the MVL process, please click on the link below or just give the BRI team a call.