Company Director, Dunstable

Below is an edited copy of an E-mail received from a satisfied director who contacted BRI for some insolvency advice.  This could have been a great “job” for BRI had we given less than best advice.  We were paid nothing for the advice given and earn nothing from the referral made.  BRI’s mantra is that we provide the best advice, first time, every time irrespective of the outcome for ourselves and this letter is another example of how true this is.

Hi Suki

I hope you are keeping well I would like to take a few moments to update you, we engaged your recommended banking consultant to advise us on matters.

I can say that although the company’s position was changing much for the better, your contacts help and advice in how to talk ‘bank language’ to has been invaluable.

In fact we have gone from being under pressure to have our overdraft reduced to now, where they are actively assisting us to increase it, due to rising turnover and a better balance sheet.

Their suggestion to use a currency exchange company to make overseas payment has also saved us hundreds of pounds since we began using their services in August last year.

Introducing us to the idea of applying for R & D tax relief, which our accounts have processed and will save us some £15,000.00 off of our corporation tax.

This has all resulted from our meeting and your help and assistance. It has made such a difference to my confidence dealing not only with the Bank but also lots of other changes at the Company that I won’t bore you with.

So I would just like to say a big thank you and to wish you well.

The very best of regards

A very happy director
28 January 2016