Letter to Peter Windatt: I would like to thank you and Jocelyn for all that you have done for us since we asked you to come to see us and take us through the procedure of insolvency and the expected inevitable liquidation of our company.

We were both exhausted and emotional from our efforts to keep the business going and admitting that we had failed after more than 30 years of trading was rather too much to absorb.  Your professional approach towards us and our staff was indeed very much appreciated.  The events over the last 10 days were traumatic and turbulent to say the least but your instructions to us were clear and fully explained at all times.

When we received the surprise offer of investment from our friend I asked you to go beyond your usual working parameters and talk to all of us involved in considering the investment as a real possibility to avoid the path of liquidation by clearly defining the financial risk necessary to be taken should we decide to proceed with the offer.  Again you very kindly agreed to do this for us and at the end of the meeting it was agreed that the investment proposal could possibly work with the careful guidance provided from both our accountant and our friend the investor.

From my own point of view I was only agreeable to continue with the business with their support as I do not feel that we can turn the business around by ourselves even with the investment.  Major changes are already being made however by us to take a firm control of the finances and general working practices of the day to day running of the business and this is slowly bringing back my confidence in our ability to return the company to profit and to have a solvent balance sheet.

We do hope that our path does not cross with BRI again and indeed we will do our very best to make sure that it does not.  Thank you for being such a fine gentleman towards us, we want you to know how much we appreciated your approach to helping us to stay in business and for talking yourself out of a new customer.