Director, Restaurateur, Oxford

This is an open letter for any one to read in relation to BRI and it’s employees.
My wife and I, after many years of running a steady financial ship together, fulfilled our lifelong dream of opening a restaurant together with friends. Almost immediately things starting turning sour and what was planned as a medium sized investment turned into a much larger one that we were not fully in control of.
Despite being incredibly busy the profits that should have been coming through on the bottom line were just not there and bills kept mounting up. It was eventually clear that we needed some professional advice and it was then that we were referred to BRI.

At a time when all kinds of varied advice was being offered from family and friends, it was a great relief to be suddenly under the thoughtful guidance of a company who entirely understood our position and whose employees took a personal and sensitive approach to our situation.
After an initial consultation where they clearly outlined the various routes open to us, they then continued to give almost daily support to help us make the right decisions. We initially took steps towards a CVA but soon realised that the numbers just did not stack up, so we decided to close the restaurant in order to accelerate a quick sale and under BRI’s advice, to take our limited company into liquidation.

With BRI’s expertise, care and personal guidance available to us at every step along the way, what seemed like an overwhelming maze of a situation became day by day easier to deal with due to their logic and the clarity of their constant support.

We found a buyer at the best market rate and therefore achieved the very best outcome for all our debtors and employees. BRI helped guide us through the sale and afterwards with the various paperwork and gave us confidence that everything was being properly dealt with.
Now that we have come through this intense and chastening experience we can only thank all at BRI who truly helped make this difficult time far more bearable than it could have been. We therefore highly recommend BRI to anyone either just seeking advice to have better clarity of their position or those that know they must take more serious steps to protect their futures.

Simply put, by choosing BRI you could not be in better, more caring and informed, professional hands.