Lights! Camera! No Action (!?)

November 29, 2023

The uncanny valley of unintended consequences can result in seemingly unconnected worlds coming into contact. Such as finding the current Writers Guild of America strike taking place in Hollywood, California resulting in new enquiries for the BRI Milton Keynes office.


Companies that are connected to the film industry (via numerous pathways) have approached our firm to discuss a lack of new work and cash flows issues being experienced due to the cessation of film making projects – all stemming from the strikes.


This example of an issue, which I am sure for many is merely a news item of passing interest, impacting businesses in the local economy, goes to show that directors always needs to be mindful of the full scope of factors that may impact the successful running of their business.


Issues that directors’ face can be incredibly localised (a staff member slipping on a wet floor leading to time of work and an insurance claim) right up to international matters – such as the one above – or the unexpected pandemic that is not far from any of our memories.


Although directors are not expected to be clairvoyants and attempts at preparing for every single eventually is a potential route to burn out (or madness), it is always wise to occasionally step back and take an holistic view of your business and consider each aspect, including financial, to identify any improvements to be made or problems requiring resolution.


For any work projection or cash flow concerns that are encountered, please do not hesitate to contact us here at BRI as early as possible so that we may help you to navigate any rough waters and assist you in avoiding the need for our formal services. As here at BRI we always provide the right advice first time every time regardless of the fee outcome for ourselves.