Any ship, but never a partnership…

January 24, 2023

24 January 2023: When you set out on a voyage with others it is usually with great hope and expectations and a firm destination in mind.

When you and A N Other decide to set up your great business idea together you do so with hopes and dreams buzzing with all the potential that you can work together to realise and the thoughts of a formal partnership agreement (or similar) are set aside as something to look at ‘when you get round to it’.

Too often those dreams are not as shared as you first thought they were. Yes, one of you is going to work all the hours – but are you both? Petty resentments are stored up. Like acid in a can; they eat away at your insides whilst doing nothing to the person you are fast growing to loathe and detest.

When starting out you thought you both knew what destination you were heading for and, subject to some modest trimming of sails here and there, how to get there. But there was never any getting round to that partnership agreement, and you didn’t document who would be doing what, when, where only to now find that your ideas about what you each could and should be doing are not aligned.

BRI are very adept at knocking heads together and helping directors acknowledge where they are now and what they need to set in train to get to where they want. How we got here is less of an issue. If moving forward together can’t be done then we can help work out ways of doing it apart – but without mutually assured destruction. We have an example of having saved £1.2m of assets being thrown out “with the bath water” and certainly covered off our fee note many hundreds of times over – and not an insolvency in sight.

BRI offer the best advice for you and your business irrespective of the outcome for ourselves, if the above scenario does sound familiar please do not hesitate to get in touch.