We have offices in Northampton, Banbury, Coventry, Hitchin, Milton Keynes, Southampton and Spalding

BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency

We are an independent company of insolvency practitioners committed to finding the right solutions for businesses and individuals in financial difficulty


At BRI, we specialise in the field of insolvency and believe that we offer sound, practical advice and solutions. Whilst we are not the only providers of insolvency services, we still believe that we are the best.

BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency was established in 1982 when a firm of Chartered Accountants set up an insolvency department under the wing of one of its founding directors. In 2001, the department was subject to a management buy-out by the current directors. Since then BRI has grown, thanks in part to its sound principles, which continue to mark it out from the crowd.

BRI pride themselves on offering business recovery and insolvency services to both businesses and individuals in financial difficulty. This is given regardless of the resulting fee for the firm - initial interviews are always free of charge and without obligation.

BRI operates from offices in Northampton, Banbury, Coventry, Hitchin, Milton Keynes and Southampton. Each office is the responsibility of one or more of the management team and includes an insolvency practitioner and accountant.

BRI's highly qualified team is friendly and approachable and always have clients' interests at heart so you will always receive the right recommendation, irrespective of the fee outcome for ourselves. Furthermore, if the appropriate way out of your problems doesn't include using our expertise, we will recommend that way forward.

Whatever the issues confronting you, the chances are that we will have seen something similar before. The management team has more than 120 years business recovery and insolvency experience from within the top four big firms, the Insolvency Service, as lecturers, examiners and otherwise. The BRI team have a range of skills and knowledge that enables us to focus on the differing needs of our clients and react quickly to changes in a fast moving world.

At BRI, we aim to keep our costs competitive. Whilst everyone is focused on the headline charge out rates for principals in the business, our average charge out rate on liquidations is well below the big firms' and most sole practitioner rivals.

We remain committed to giving clients the right advice, first time and every time. By offering you the best advice and support we hope that you will help to spread the word, using our preferred and most successful form of marketing, word of mouth.

“We as a company have dealt with BRI for several years now and I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me, helping me to understand the complicated procedures and always being at the end of the phone ready to answer any questions I may have.

It cannot be easy making sure you stay impartial but at the same time supporting and being sympathetic towards both the company in liquidation and also towards the creditors. I have always found BRI to be impartial and I always feel reassured when I know its BRI who have been appointed.”

Company, Kettering,

“May I record my thanks to BRI on the unfailingly professional advice I have received on the occasions when I have consulted BRI”

Accountant approaching retirement, Northampton,

“I was introduced to BRI and Peter Windatt by a mutual business colleague who urged me to go talk to Peter when I was wrestling with a particularly tricky situation and a very slippery adversary - so along I went armed with copious notes, facts and figures to prove beyond all doubt that I was Mr. Reasonable and the other guy was Mr. Impossibletodealwith.

Peter listened for all of 3 minutes before asking me a couple of pertinent questions which made me stop and think what I was actually trying to achieve. As a result, and with Peter’s help, I composed a telling email and suddenly Mr. Impossibletodealwith tuned into Snow White and we are all now living happily ever after.

Sometimes all you need is a clear head, a knowledge of how people tick and the vision to see the way out of the woods – Peter has all of these in spades.

Wholeheartedly recommend BRI and Peter in particular and will forever be grateful to him.”

GW, company director, Milton Keynes,

BRI - Help and advice – All part of their service!

BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency in Milton Keynes have for many years been friends of ours. There are days when you could meet Tom at a networking breakfast, Peter at lunch, and Jean at tea time. Only when you have an issue which is out of your control, do you really understand the value of knowing these professionals well enough that you feel you can pick up the phone, and ask for some help and advice.

We recently spent time with another business chum, who was at her wits-end trying to deal with a complicated situation involving an insolvency practitioner, caused by others, which was way outside of her knowledge base, and it was looking like she was going to have to “do as she was told”, and that was that! (You know the type of situation - grrrrrr) Feeling she wasn’t going to get the best outcome all on her own, I called Peter and explained all.

Now wouldn’t it just make the best story ever, if what happened next was that Peter listened to my ramblings, and said “leave it with me”, that he then went off and called the other side, added some good old-fashioned common sense to proceedings, and then came back with an infinitely acceptable answer to make the whole thing go away! No solicitors, no nasty-grams, no pain.

That, is exactly what happened!

Wind forward to today, the situation has now gone away, she is now better placed to avoid the same happening to her again, and Peter and his team know us and her better as a result, in-fact only yesterday Tom passed us a contact who needs to buy exactly what it is we do best. Win!

This really is a testament not only to how networking in Milton Keynes really does add value to your business, but how having personal contacts, and friends, in BRI particularly, can really change a bad day in to a good day!

Thank you Peter, you made a difference.

Paul Kitchen, Director, Milton Keynes,