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Welcoming the new ‘lockdown’ recruits


22 June 2020: We have pleasure in introducing two of our newest trainee insolvency administrator recruits for the BRI Coventry and BRI Northampton teams. Both joined just prior to the covid-19 lockdown rules and have no doubt faced some challenges with regard to working from home whilst learning and training in their new roles.

Arrun Prashar, a Business and Finance Graduate from the University of Coventry, joined the BRI Coventry team in February 2020 and worked for around a month in the office before having to work from home due to the lockdown rules set by the Government.

Arrun is new to insolvency and was drawn into joining the industry as the ability to “be able to help people in difficult situations whilst also learning about the financial and legal aspects” appealed to him and “it is new and exciting to what I was normally taught/used to during University”.

Working and training from home in a new role is a challenging experience and “not being able to turn around and ask someone a question or for help when tackling a task I haven’t done before”, is a challenge he is facing at the moment, and he is looking forward to “being around the team again and having client interactions” when it is safe to return to the office.

Arrun is keen to learn and feels one of the best ways to do so comes from interacting with colleagues, “there is a dynamic having the team around you that you feed off and it makes work more enjoyable and you don’t get that working from home”.

Chloe Murphy previously worked for a top accountancy firm and gained AAT level 3 before deciding to join BRI’s Northampton team in March 2020.

Chloe is also new to insolvency and has been working from home since she joined – without having set foot in the office or meeting her colleagues. A surreal experience no doubt.

“Learning the systems and procedures on Facetime and meeting colleagues via Zoom is a really strange experience… but everyone has been really great in ensuring I have the right help and training opportunities to learn and gain more experience” is what she has found from working from home.

Chloe is enjoying work and learning the new procedures and is in the process of completing an introductory insolvency qualification.

“Finally being able to meet all my colleagues properly” is what she is looking forward to the most when it is safe to return to the office.

Despite the tough and strange circumstances we find ourselves in at the moment, both Arrun and Chloe are coping tremendously well with adapting to the new work environments and we are delighted that they have joined the BRI Coventry and Northampton teams.