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Awareness of mental illness among debtors


27 August 2019:  BRI’s staff, including senior members, cashiers and the administration team, have all this month completed a full day of training which was geared to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst debtors.

It is reported that people with debt problems are twice as likely to develop mental health problems and debt problems make it difficult to recover from mental health conditions.

The importance of identifying mental health problems amongst debtors can make a difference between successful and unsuccessful debt recovery for a business with creditors or an individual with personal debts.

BRI’s team have always put the client first and having a better understanding of our clients’ circumstances allows us to treat our clients fairly. Finding solutions to debt problems for business owners, owner managers and sole traders with mental health problems can alleviate some of the pressure and better commercial objectives can be achieved.

If you are struggling with debt problems, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the BRI management team for a free, confidential consultation without obligation.