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When your tax liability figures don’t mirror those of HMRC


26 October 2018: The Hitchin office has dealt with a number of cases where the directors of companies have received notifications from HMRC that did not make sense or where HMRC were claiming amounts that had already been paid.

One company received a claim letter and a notice that HMRC would issue insolvency proceedings for outstanding VAT amounting to £60,000. Following discussions with HMRC and a time to pay agreement, HMRC confirmed the debt was in fact only £30,000 and not the £60,000 claimed in previous correspondence.

Another company received a letter stating that they had incurred surcharges and maintenance charges amounting to £52,000 for outstanding PAYE. When we contacted HMRC to confirm that all outstanding HMRC liabilities were in fact settled in an informal proposal amounting to £750,000, HMRC confirmed that their systems needed to be updated and the company had no liabilities outstanding.

HMRC have also been issuing loan notices to companies stating that they had outstanding tax avoidance liabilities. We have received such notices where the claims have been settled and paid in full.

We are here to help companies look at the outstanding tax liabilities to HMRC and consider ways to repay the outstanding balance. Receiving demands and threats to issue legal proceedings can be unnerving, particularly when there is a viable business worth saving.

Please contact one of our professionals if you need advice on how to deal with tax liabilities, especially where your own records don’t mirror what HMRC are claiming.