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Six years of efforts paying off in the end


20 September 2018: As the Trustee in Bankruptcy, we have recently sold twenty-nine acres of Welsh farmland, which was the primary asset in the bankruptcy estate. The process was not straightforward and it has taken six years of efforts to get to this point.

The main difficulty arose because the title deeds were not registered at the Land Registry and the debtor was less than co-operative in providing the relevant information to assist. From our enquiries we believed that the debtor had inherited the land upon the passing of his father but we were unable to categorically prove this until some weekend working on the part of our solicitors resulted in the discovery of the “smoking gun” which demonstrated the land belonged to the debtor and therefore formed part of the estate.

The issues didn’t end there and in some ways that was only the beginning. Since then and until the land was sold we have also had to deal with the farmer tenant, grazing livestock, a boundary dispute with a neighbouring property, access rights arguments, missing historic rents, rusting and half buried farm machinery, and an application to the Local Authority to submit the land for consideration in the Local Development Plan.

All in all, we got the job done, fulfilled our duties and became experts in how to identify cattle. There’s never a dull day in the office in our line of work …