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BRI out in force to help local charity


16 July 2018:  On Wednesday 11 July 2018 a number of BRI staff from the various offices took part in another successful annual Charity Day. This year BRI volunteered at Cynthia Spencer Donation Centre in Northampton.  This Donation Centre supports the running costs of Cynthia Spencer Hospice by receiving thousands of generously donated items which are listed for sale to generate funds to help fund the Hospice.

The donation centre receives a large quantity of items which are donated by members of the public every day.  BRI’s team of volunteers were split into three groups, the first group had the task of sifting through the donated items which included clothing, footwear, toys, bedding, sports equipment’s, bric-a-brac and ornaments.  BRI’s task was to inspect each item to determine whether the item could achieve a sale in the Cynthia Spencer charity shop or for sale on their eBay shop.  Each item was then separated accordingly.

BRI’s second team were given the task of taking photographs of the items which were chosen to be listed for sale on Cynthia Spencer’s eBay page.  The team also listed each item of clothing for sale on their eBay page and provided a large description of each item to generate interest, hopefully resulting in a sale.

The third team organised and cleared the eBay packaging area which now means items that have sold on Cynthia Spencer’s eBay page can be sent out to the purchasing customers quicker.  This means that more time can be spent in listing items on eBay and essentially raising money for the Hospice.

The time BRI donated to Cynthia Spencer will generate a total of £1,500 for the sale of goods which were processed for sale in the shops and eBay and the total amount of items listed on eBay will achieve a total sale of £1,300.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the experience volunteering at the Donation Centre and we are extremely proud to confirm the total value of BRI’s time is worth approximately £2,800 to the Hospice.  This amount of money could pay for 186 hours of Hospice at Home care or 5 ½ days’ worth of patient care within the Hospice.

At BRI we pride ourselves on being able to help people in their time of need when they approach us with their problems. We are grateful that this day gave us a similar feeling of job satisfaction and we look forward to continuing to help people for many years to come.

Cynthia Spencer Hospice does an amazing job of providing palliative care to patients to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  The Hospice has recently undergone renovation works to redecorate and provide a warm and welcoming environment to each patient.  Each of the rooms in the Hospice benefits from a view of the beautiful gardens.  Some of us at BRI have personal experience with the work that Cynthia Spencer Hospice do and we are very passionate about this truly worthwhile cause.  If you would like to get involved, raise money or donate to Cynthia Spencer please visit their website https://www.cynthiaspencer.org.uk/ or visit Cynthia Spencer on Facebook.