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Britain on sale …


26 April 2018: Some of the biggest names and brands in the UK are being sold – Waterstones has been sold to a US hedge fund; there are talks of Wembley being sold and the Chinese owners of Hamleys (again a well-known British brand owned by foreigners) are looking to buy House of Fraser. So many of Britain’s famous names are being sold abroad and this shows how difficult it is to survive in the changing economy.

We recently saw the failure of big British names, including Carillion and Monarch and a number of other businesses, especially in the restaurant trade, are reporting financial difficulties and are looking at restructuring options.

It is key that businesses identify the warning signs early on and explore sales, merger and restructuring options. Failure to do so will lead to businesses failing.

If you or your client needs to consider the options available, please contact any of the BRI management team, who will be more than happy to provide you with practical and impartial advice tailored to your specific needs.