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Helping to steady the ship


28 November 2017:  BRI’s Southampton office was contacted recently for help by the committee of a local working men’s club. The committee had only recently been appointed but had quickly discovered that their predecessors had adopted a lax attitude in the financial management of the club. PAYE/VAT returns and other payments had not been sent to HMRC for many months. Other suppliers were threatening legal action because of the amounts due to them. The committee was concerned that insolvency could be inevitable and a valuable community facility would be lost.

The committee has managed to bring the situation under control with our guidance. We assisted them in agreeing manageable payment plans with creditors who have been supportive once they understood the background and the steps that the committee was taking to resolve things. The episode has galvanised support for the club in the local community. It has made people realise that they need to “use it or lose it”. It has also resulted in members with appropriate experience volunteering to join the committee and ensure that the club is run properly in future.

The committee and club members are most grateful for our input and the positive outcome we have helped them achieve. We don’t believe that they will need to call on our services again but we remain ready and willing to assist should that be necessary.

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