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Professional Performance Pertaining to Petanque


14 July 2017: As many of you will no doubt be aware, the French find the English game of lawn bowls far too difficult and therefore invented a simpler variation of the game known as Petanque (ok, that statement may not be entirely true).

The game involves competitors planting their feet (the clue is in the name (si vous parlez Francais)) and throwing spherical metal balls towards the jack – a smaller wooden ball, which has already been thrown. The aim of the game is to be the player to land nearest the jack.

Recently BRI’s Hitchin office invited guests along to an event in Luton for a taster of this wonderful game. Knowing the competitive nature of the local professionals and in order to keep things civil, the game was played without winners or losers being named and the aim of the game was simply to enjoy it.

The feedback from guests has been positive and BRI were pleased to have held another unique event which allows their clients to network with peers, while also having an enjoyable experience. We hope the connections made will prove prosperous to those in attendance and thank those who chose to spend their time with us.