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It takes (at least) two to tango!


10 April 2017: Ever wondered how to Cha Cha Cha with the best of them or Salsa like a true Latino, well a few ambitious souls agreed to try and learn just that, at a fun event recently hosted by the BRI Hitchin office.

Guests arrived at The White Horse in the small Bedfordshire village of Tea Green, in anticipation and (in some cases at least) a fair amount of trepidation for a dance lesson with a difference. The intended difference being the presence of other professionals with whom they could also socialise and network, the actual (more nerve wracking) difference, turned out to be that the dance instructor came with a professional photographer in tow!

On arrival guests took the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the others present and nervous glances were exchanged as the moment came to ‘step up’ onto the dance floor. Having been arranged into two rows, the wannabe Brendan Cole’s and Darcey Bussell’s then strutted their stuff, as the instructor showed them the moves required to make the dances come to life.

With their feet exhausted and appetite’s well and truly worked up, guests then joined the BRI staff present for an ample buffet lunch, as well as soft drinks and teas and coffees (partaken after everyone had cooled down).

Huge thanks to all of our guests, for being such good sports and who were prepared to brave some possible public embarrassment for the sake of a good time. Feedback received has suggested the event was enjoyed by guests as much as it was enjoyable to host for BRI, and this will only encourage BRI to continue to put on fun and unique events for our contacts.