"Giving the right advice, first time, every time"


It’s not always what you know but who you know…


7 April 2017: The Milton Keynes team were recently approached by a company that was experiencing cash flow difficulties.  Prior to the initial meeting, the director had concluded that an insolvent liquidation was the only viable option for the company. 

After a lengthy meeting, which was completely free of charge, we were able to get a better understanding of the nature of the challenges facing the company and quickly offer a range of solutions.  The director was pleasantly surprised to discover that liquidation was, in fact, an option of last resort and because he had sought advice in a timely manner, the company still had other options to consider.

We were able to introduce the director to a professional contact who was interested in investment opportunities and operated in the same industry.  The contact was known to us because we had assisted with the recovery of one his companies the previous year. 

The introduction of the two parties produced a successful outcome, allowing for the continuation of the business and the preservation of jobs.  This was the right outcome for all those involved.

Placing the company into liquidation would have generated a fee for BRI, as would assisting the director in any formal insolvency process.  Whilst liquidation was clearly an option, the only party that would have genuinely benefitted would have been BRI.  That’s not what we are about.

In the present case, we received no fee for the work we did.  We care about our clients and want to help people who find themselves, or their companies, in difficult situations. Our core value is to give the right advice, first time, regardless of fee outcome for ourselves.

If you, or your client, are going through difficulties, please contact one of our experienced management team.  Having assessed your situation, it may be that you won’t need BRI’s services at all and, if that’s the case, we’re confident that we can introduce you to someone who can help you achieve the best outcome for you.