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Insolvency practitioners do have a sense of humour


29 November 2016:  When we used to recruit people to work for BRI directly, using newspaper advertisements etc. we used to say that we wanted people with a thick skin and a good sense of humour. Hopefully we do have a good sense of humour but perhaps you can be the better judge of that?

One of BRI’s insolvency practitioners, Peter Windatt, received an E Mail on a Friday afternoon from a factoring company who thought that they could help us with our debtor book – with minimal editing, to protect the guilty it read:-

Happy Friday Peter

I’m Jane from Another Factoring Company.

I help companies like BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency with tailored invoice factoring solutions.  I suppose you could say our service keeps companies moving forward by supporting cash flow.

I’d love to know how you handle late paying customers (and avoid energy and growth dwindling from such setbacks) or if I can assist you with a new process. If you are already working with a factoring service our team will compete to beat their quote.

Free for a 5 minute chat sometime?

May the force be with you Peter (the weekend is almost here!)

Do you reply to such unsolicited E Mails? Is there a possible marketing opportunity in it or do you consign it to the trash can? Peter thought it would be sensible to reply – to date no response has been received…           

Hail Jane,

I sense the force is strong with you but your sources re our debtors is, I’m afraid, awry.  Our debtor days are below 10 and the idea that we might factor them, given that we don’t invoice until we are in funds (we are an insolvency practice and we don’t get paid if we don’t realise the funds) is chortelable.

However, as a great firm of IPs we’d love to know what you do with your insolvency cases – do you have a tie in with a firm such as ours (not that such a firm exists – without you find a portal to a parallel universe anyway). Happy to discuss if you wish. 

I am not your father, 


We hope that it may have brightened your day a little our sharing this with you. Live long and prosper.