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(Foot)golf; a good walk spoiled?


11 July 2016:  Someone (possibly Mark Twain) once said ‘golf is a good walk spoiled’, whether they would have considered footgolf an improvement or regression is open to debate, but attendees at our recent BRI Milton Keynes event at Wavendon Golf Academy certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Six teams of three intrepid players ventured out onto the glistening yet sun kissed course with the enthusiasm of an England manager entering a major tournament. Unfortunately some came back to the club house feeling like Roy Hodgson after the Euros, while others had the confident knowing smirk of an Apprentice candidate who has just heard that their team has won the weekly task.

Tom Guthrie, golf lover and very proud Welsh football fan, first collated the score cards and then announced the results to the participants, as they sipped on their complimentary drinks and awaited the barbeque. Rather dubiously, Tom’s very own team won the tournament with a suspiciously remarkable score, albeit he claimed that this was due to the impressive performance of Mark Daniels of MacIntyre Hudson and Holly Manners of EMW Law. Mark managed to record the best score of the event with 2 under par (sign him up!!).

Regardless of any misgivings about Tom’s score keeping, those attending applauded the winners and then kindly asked Tom to get out of the way so they could watch the Northern Ireland v Germany group match that was just starting.

The perfect marriage of good company and good weather made for an enjoyable event, which BRI were pleased to host for their guests, whom they thank profusely for their attendance and bonhomie.