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Alan Gets His Hands On The New Fiver


27 June 2016: The Bank of England will be issuing a new £5 note on 13 September 2016. The new notes are being unveiled by the Bank at a series of presentations and Alan Limb, an Insolvency Practitioner from BRI’s Southampton Office was invited to attend one of those recently at Osborne House in Cowes. Alan is pictured holding one of the new notes which are made of polymer, rather than paper, to make them cleaner, stronger and less easy to forge.

The presentation was hosted by the Bank of England’s Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland. Alan asked her what it was like to do a job where everyone carries her signature in their pocket. Victoria replied that she was particularly excited about the new note because it was the first one to be introduced since she was appointed in March 2014. Whilst there were many aspects of her role other than signing bank notes, she still got a thrill when friends rang her to tell her that they had “one of hers” in their wallet.

Unfortunately the Bank of England’s security was very tight at the event and Alan had to return the new Fiver at the end of the presentation!

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