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Hiding From Your Creditors Won’t Make Them Go Away


10 May 2016: The recent case of Kevin McGeever highlights the lengths that some people will go to try and to stop their creditors pursuing them. Mr McGeever is an Irish Property Developer who faked his own kidnapping in order to avoid investors to whom he owed a considerable amount of money following the economic crash in Eire. 

He claimed to have been abducted at gunpoint and held in a steel container, possibly underground, by his captors. His statements prompted a six week investigation by the Gardai which involved more than 3,000 man hours. When Mr McGeever’s story was found to be false he was convicted in April of wasting police time and received a two year suspended prison sentence.

At BRI we believe that, when you are in financial difficulty, ignoring your creditors won’t make them go away or improve your situation. We always offer a free initial consultation so we can get to the bottom of what is causing people’s financial problems before we agree how we can help to solve them. We give the right advice for the people we are asked to assist, irrespective of whether we earn a fee from doing so.