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Even high profile legends don’t get away with it …


7 March 2016: It has taken BRI over 5 years to pin down the former director and the shareholder of a liquidated company. No names can be mentioned due to the fact that the shareholder concerned is a high profile media figure.

The shareholder had taken the company’s money before making payments to the unsecured creditors. Disgruntled creditors couldn’t believe that he was still in the limelight, and continues to be, knowing full well that he took the money the company owed to them. Creditors petitioned for the winding up of the company and appointed BRI to recover the money for the benefit of the creditors.

Over the years, many attempts were made to negotiate and reach an agreement with the shareholder. However, due to his busy schedule, he found many excuses to avoid attending meetings. BRI had a strong claim and he knew it and he was finally brought to the table after a claim was issued with funding support from Manolete. Following a lengthy meeting, the shareholder agreed to pay £175,000.