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A charity day for the Wildlife Trust


A team from BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency have been busy helping the Wildlife Trust keep their grazing land in tip top shape for years to come.

Nine staff from BRI donated their time and hard labour to help clear a large rolling field of ‘scrub’ (as we found out it was called – hedge-like growth and thorny bushes) in Pegsdon, Bedfordshire.

With gauntlets, loppers and bow saws in hand we started the day with an explanation of the challenge ahead and why the work we were doing was valuable to the Trust. The land needed to be cleared of scrub to enable the Trust’s own livestock (sheep and cows mainly) to graze without harm and to ensure that the field remains accessible to all as it is open to the public too.

We got to it and after much chopping, cutting and sawing had quickly amassed a large pile of scrub which our supervisor spent the day burning without, somehow, managing to set the whole field of long grass alight. Our first tea break was certainly well earned. More hard work followed but by lunch time we had earned ourselves a tour of the surrounding area. After devouring our packed lunches, we learnt that the land we were helping to preserve was former arable land bought by the Trust many decades prior and was surrounded by natural lands that, we found out, we full of diverse flora and fauna. The knowledge of our supervisor/guide was quite astounding. From the different types of ants living in the ant hills to the different species of plants (some medicinal and some for beauty alone) we didn’t quite realise how much we took for granted and walked by without a previous thought.

After much education it was back to grafting. A few hours later (and after another tea break!) it was late afternoon and our supervisor told us that we’d done a great job and could stop now. However, the camaraderie and fun we had been having was evident as we kept working in order to get ‘just one more bit of scrub’ in a seemingly endless field of scrub.

As our energy levels dropped, the lights of the pub in the distance shone and we knew it was time to finish.

Our thanks once again to the BRI team for their volunteering and to the Trust for arranging such a fun day of hard work.

If you want to find out a little more about where we’ve been and/or experience the area for yourself then check out this link: https://www.wildlifebcn.org/reserves/pegsdon-hills-and-hoo-bit

Group Photo