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28 September 2015: Always looking for new and exciting ways to kill himself BRI’s in-house John Noakes, Insolvency Practitioner Peter Windatt, recently returned to a childhood interest in sailing. As a child this was all confined to dinghies on Pitsford reservoir and occasional trips to the sea around Falmouth. Nowadays he enjoys both dinghy and yacht sailing and he has been busying himself gaining the various qualifications required to enable him to charter boats anywhere in the world. Asked why he doesn’t own a boat himself his response is “there are a number of yachts called things like “Massive Overdraft” – and with good reason. My favourite name so far has got to be “ Never Again – II ” he tells us. Peter has recently sold a bankrupt’s interest in a motor boat where what little equity there was became entirely swallowed up by the fees for mooring and maintenance. He has also been looking at a compulsory liquidation with an interest in a ship currently based in Lowestoft. Sadly he probably wouldn’t be able to sail such a commercial vessel with his current qualifications.

While at the helm somewhere between the Isle of Man and Holyhead Peter heard a whistle, asking who in the cockpit had just whistled, and receiving blank responses, he looked left (over the port side, if you wish to get technical) and found that they were being treated to an escort from a pod of some fifteen dolphins. One of the crew managed to take a number of snaps including the following:-


Peter is now the proud holder of his Coastal Skipper ticket and is looking to build miles before hopefully progressing further with his sailing qualifications. Dinghy-wise Peter has been volunteering with the charity MK Sailability over the summer months helping those less able/fortunate to experience time out on the water.