"Giving the right advice, first time, every time"


A “cliff hanger” of an evening…


The BRI team in Milton Keynes hosted an event at the indoor Big Rock Climbing Centre on Wednesday 19 November 2014. The group had mixed climbing abilities ranging from complete beginners to some guests boasting more than 20 years of climbing experience.

There was a growing buzz of excitement and apprehension as guests, not least the novices amongst us, nervously eyed up the imposing walls which were up to 11 metres high. After a vigorous warm up, it was time to climb. Getting to the top was optional, but getting down was mandatory.

One by one we clawed our way up the walls, it soon became clear that many of the guests (and hosts!) had discovered a new love in rock climbing! There was a swelling pride in the room as several new climbers reached the top of the wall for the first time (certainly pushing themselves well beyond their comfort zones). Meanwhile, our handful of expert climbers were keen to show off their skills and to share their knowledge (although there were no “dyno moves” on show). Moreover, there was a sense that many were thrilled to finally be attending a networking event that catered for the sport they love.

For those who felt brave enough at the end of the session, there was an opportunity to graduate to bouldering – low level climbing without rope(!).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, during which we learned that rock climbing is a complex pursuit, but that with the right information and guidance, rapid gains can be made – not a million miles away from the world of business!