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A Report from the River Rats


After months of excitement, training and trepidation, the day had finally arrived. The River Rat Race , held in London for the first time, promised to be a gruelling test of strength and stamina. We had read all about it and we were finally going to experience it for ourselves.

The energy in the ExCel centre was electric from the moment we entered. It gave us that extra belief that we could face whatever the upcoming challenges were going to be.

With the start of our wave we were off; running, jumping over hurdles and dancing our way through tyres. Soon we were out of the building and onto Royal Victoria Dock. When we weren’t going up and down what felt like endless flights of stairs and running across bridges, we were swimming, jumping, sliding and diving into the Thames, then clambering out using cargo nets and ropes. The kayaking section brought welcome relief to the legs but not so much for our arms and shoulders! At several points during the course we felt like we were being put through a military boot camp!

The race brought out a fantastic atmosphere of camaraderie as complete strangers hoisted each other over 6ft walls and cheered encouragement to each other before plunging 20ft into the Thames! It was an amazing experience, made all the better knowing that as a result of your generosity, we have raised a total of £1,585 for Shelter!