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BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency is an independent company of insolvency practitioners committed to finding the right solutions for businesses and individuals in financial difficulty.

BRI are able to offer all of the following services:

Corporate Services:

Don't panic - as your liquidators we can help you deal with your company's affairs and bring matters to an orderly conclusion having first checked that this route is what is required. We will always explain each step/action we take before taking it.

Company Voluntary Arrangement
Let us do it for you - we are often able to arrange a composition with your creditors with you retaining control of your business.  Creditors usually get a higher return through a voluntary arrangement than can be achieved in other insolvency procedures - a win-win solution for all.

Turnaround Services
Helping you to help yourselves - we have specialists with many years experience who deal with business turnaround.

Resolution of corporate difficulties
Seeing the wood for the trees - we are able to give impartial and pragmatic views to help resolve conflicts between directors and/or shareholders and give consideration to alternative rescue procedures.

Administration Orders
You may still have time - as administrators we are able to help you put together a recovery plan to preserve your company's business and assets.  The earlier you consult us, the more alternatives we can consider and the better the chances of survival. 

Appointments by secured creditors - as your administrative receivers we will endeavour to get the best return from your security.

Solutions for solvent companies
Reconstruction and trouble free closures - we are able to provide quick and economical service in the distribution of assets from solvent companies to new companies in reconstructions and to the shareholders where cessation is the goal.

Individual Services: 

Whilst Debt Relief Orders ("DRO"), introduced in April 2009, are not something BRI are able to deal with (they are all dealt with via the Insolvency Service only) we are able to give general guidance on them.  The main route of entry to DRO will be via Citizens Advice Bureau and similar organisations.
Light at the end of the tunnel - as a trustee we will take responsibility for realising a debtor's available assets, challenging wrongdoing in the run up to insolvency and distributing the proceeds among creditors.

Informal Arrangements
Where possible, informality is best - you keep control of your business affairs while costs and expenses are kept to a minimum.  Your creditors get a higher return - another win-win solution. 

Individual Voluntary Arrangements
We can help - we can help protect debtors from their creditors instantly, by seeking an Interim Order that gives Court protection and then, or in cases where there is no urgency, by producing a composition with creditors.  The earlier we are consulted, the more alternatives we can consider.

BRI also offers advice regarding director's disqualifications, reservation of title, company restoration and bad debts.

Help-Line Service
BRI's main switchboard has day and night time message facilities should you be unable to contact any of the team at the first attempt.

Free and confidential with no commitment - 0800 7830307.

Enables you to e-mail us at any time of the day or night with your business recovery or insolvency related queries.
A response will generally be given within twenty-four hours.