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Wild Voice Ltd

Wild Voice Limited (“the Company”)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What has happened to the Company

The director approached BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency for assistance in dealing with the Company’s financial affairs and following a number of discussions about the various options available to the Company, a board meeting was held on 21 April 2020 and a decision was taken to cease trading on the same date.

Below is a personal statement from the director, Jessica Hunting:

It is with great sadness that I announce that Wild Voice is going into liquidation.

Wild Voice was built on a love of bringing people together to sing and enjoy shared experiences and adventures. It created a community of like-minded people and enduring friendships and would ultimately improve peoples’ well-being. 

From singing retreats held in beautiful UK settings, an enriching singing tour of Africa, retreats in Tuscany to its very first, and now last, outdoor singing festival in the UK. Wild Voice’s aim was to bring people together in song and create lasting memories for all those involved. 

This is an extremely hard statement to write as it has been such a joy to build Wild Voice, from a simple idea that evolved and grew, but was still in its infancy.

In such a short space of time, the business has had to cancel all events and finds itself unable to trade. Wild Voice was never a big, corporate business with a large team, infrastructure or financial backing, instead it was me; a musician and mother, passionate about bringing people together and encouraging everyone to sing.

As a small business up against huge challenges, sadly it cannot survive in the current circumstances.

On a personal level, I have poured my heart and soul into Wild Voice and I am so sad to see it come to an end, in this way. For every one of you that have supported Wild Voice, I am so grateful for your support and truly hope that the memories you have of your Wild Voice adventure remain with you. 

For those of you who have lost money because of this, I can’t express how deeply sorry I am that it has come to this. Wild Voice would bring people together, to share the joy of singing. This is not how it was supposed to end and I am utterly devastated that it has come to this. 

  • Who are BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency (“BRI”)?

BRI are a firm of independent insolvency practitioners who have been instructed by the director to assist with placing the Company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation. It is anticipated that Lauren Louise Auburn and Peter John Windatt will be appointed joint liquidators on 13 May 2020.

  • What will the liquidators do?

The joint liquidators’ primary function is to realise assets and distribute them for the general body of creditors.  In addition, the liquidators have a duty to investigate the affairs of the Company, including matters of concern raised by creditors.  Creditors are therefore requested to provide the joint liquidators, once appointed, with any matters of concern in relation to the Company.

The joint liquidators will report to creditors immediately following their appointment and will report further after the 12 month anniversary of their appointment, and any subsequent anniversary thereafter.

  • What happened to my money?

We are informed that all funds received by the Company were heavily invested in past, current and future events.

The appointed joint liquidators will look into the possible recovery of funds in relation to events that were cancelled and will report the outcome of those enquiries to creditors.

  • Will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, based on current information, it does not appear that there will be sufficient funds to repay any creditors in respect of events that have been paid for.

However, if you have paid using a credit/debit card and the amount is more than £100 you may be able to reclaim the funds from the credit card provider/bank.

  • Can I reclaim what I have paid from the insurance company (if insurance was obtained)?

It would depend on the insurance policy.

It would be advisable to contact your insurance company for confirmation on whether or not the amount(s) can be claimed.

  • Why does Companies House still show the Company as trading?

The current status at Companies House is ‘active’. This means it is a live Company, although it is no longer actively trading. Once the Company goes into liquidation, the status will be updated to ‘in liquidation’. Once concluded, the liquidator will take steps to close the liquidation and the status will eventually be changed to ‘dissolved’.

  • What action should I take?

You should notify BRI, or any appointed liquidator, of the potential claim you may have in the liquidation, using the proof of debt form which will be sent to you. Please also provide any documentation you may have to support your claim.

  • Communication going forward

If your question is not answered by any of the above points, due to the number of customers affected by this matter, it would be more appropriate to liaise with BRI in writing, by post or email, rather than by telephone.

Please send correspondence to 100 St James Road, Northampton, NN5 5LF or by email to rjago@briuk.co.uk / cemurphy@briuk.co.uk

Please note that it may not always be possible to respond to every individual query immediately, but all correspondence will be placed on file for consideration by the liquidator, once appointed.