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Stop the (clay) pigeon

Stop the (clay) pigeon

4 September 2015: John Rimmer and Brian Coleman of BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency's Coventry office recently took part in an afternoon of clay shooting at a local shooting ground. The afternoon began, wisely, with some expert tuition including a run through of safety procedures and correct weapons handling before the shooters, made up of both beginners and novices, were let loose on the range. Taking aim, the first action saw some less than successful results but once the participants had their "eye in" the shots became more accurate and were hitting their target with increasing regularity, resulting in a very close final.

Blessed with some fine weather, the afternoon proved a success and fun was had by all in attendance. Thankfully none of the participants managed to discharge their rounds into the nearby golf course and the only birdies that were affected were the ceramic pigeons on site!