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Ryde Arena Limited

The directors of Ryde Arena Limited have instructed BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency to assist them in placing the company into Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation. The liquidation will begin following a meeting of the company’s creditors which will be held on Thursday 17 November 2016. The company ceased trading when its landlord forfeited its lease to Ryde Arena on 6 October 2016. The directors have taken this step because they believe that the company will not be able to trade again.

Some customers of the company have bought tickets for shows at Ryde Arena, which will not now take place. Other customers have paid in advance for skating vouchers and lessons, which the company will not now be able to honour. The company is unable to offer refunds to these customers.  Many of these tickets, vouchers and lessons were sold through the website, The Price is Wight. Customers affected in this way should contact The Price is Wight to see if a refund is possible. Customers who paid for tickets, vouchers or lessons using their credit or debit card should also contact their card provider to request a refund.

Any queries in connection with the liquidation or the meeting of creditors should be directed to Vivienne Finch of BRI by telephone on 01604 595609 or by email to vfinch@briuk.co.uk