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HMRC continue to issue Accelerated Payment Notices (APN)

HMRC continue to issue Accelerated Payment Notices (APN)

10 November 2015: The Hitchin office has experienced a rise in enquiries relating the APNs issued by HMRC. HMRC have the support of the Treasury and continue to issue APNs, clamping down on disputed corporate tax avoidance schemes. Only 90 days are being given to companies and individuals to arrange payment of the full amount claimed in the APN.

This could lead to significant cash flow problems for businesses and we urge recipients to seek our professional advice on how to deal with the notices. Where APN recipients have representation, HMRC are willing to reach settlements and negotiate affordable payment plans. BRI can provide professional expert representation and assist with the negotiation, especially where the APN sums are disputed.

Our insolvency experts continue to advise business owners and their accountants in considering the options available to overcome issues relating to APNs.