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Carillion – what next for suppliers/sub-contractors?

Carillion – what next for suppliers/sub-contractors?

15 January 2018:  With the well-publicised demise of the above there will be significant financial pain for many suppliers/sub-contractors.

Given the substantial work the Company undertook it is very likely that the Insolvency Practitioners appointed will look to complete work in progress for benefit of creditors as a whole and, who better to engage to complete the work, than the current suppliers/sub-contractors – after all there is no point in “reinventing the wheel”.

Should you be a supplier/sub-contractor and have been or, expect to be, asked to undertake future work and want to know more about contracting with the Insolvency Practitioners appointed, please contact any of BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency’s management team @ https://www.briuk.co.uk/the-team/ who will more than happy to provide advice and assistance.

Finally, if you or your company’s finances are affected by the demise of Carillion and would like advice and assistance then please contact BRI. The earlier advice is sought, the more options are available.