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Monthly Archives: June 2020

First business casualties of Covid-19

25 June 2020: As businesses try to get back to the new normal, BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency are seeing the first casualties of Covid-19. One of the first casualties was a catering company whose clients included car manufacturers, where regular lunches were delivered, weddings and private celebrations. With business clients closed in March,...
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Welcoming the new ‘lockdown’ recruits

22 June 2020: We have pleasure in introducing two of our newest trainee insolvency administrator recruits for the BRI Coventry and BRI Northampton teams. Both joined just prior to the covid-19 lockdown rules and have no doubt faced some challenges with regard to working from home whilst learning and training in their new roles. Arrun Prashar,...
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You’re an insolvency practitioner – you must be busy?

18 June 2020: We are, but not as you might think. Because of the current pandemic and the headline insolvencies (often retail), people think we must be very busy. Companies continue to receive unprecedented levels of financial support at the current time. This is in the form of grants, loans, debt...
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Restructuring Plan – another tool in the box?

15 June 2020: We are BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency, as our name suggests we are focused to help business recover first before having to sometimes resort to an insolvency process. Within the government’s Company Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020 (“CIG Bill 2020”) (currently being discussed in the House of Lords), a new procedure...
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A different type of business meeting

1 June 2020:  Whilst BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency are providing advice to many individuals and company directors via conference calls and video meetings, one of the management team took the opportunity to provide advice, whilst observing social distancing rules, by meeting a director in a park (where they  both live less than 5 minutes’...
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