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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Director disputes and insolvency

24 July 2019:  The Hitchin office has seen an increase in disputes between company directors/shareholders in owner managed businesses. Director disputes can put extreme pressure on a business and its financials; in some cases this can lead to the company falling into insolvency. When a company is insolvent, directors have certain duties and obligations. One of...
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Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

18 July 2019: Nobody sets up in business with the goal of putting their company into liquidation. A significant proportion of our clients have hit a bump in the road and need some corrective action to stay in business. However, at the other end of the spectrum are the successful entrepreneurs. Those whose business has...
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The Company is Limited but is my liability?

10 July 2019: Most company directors will have the belief that by setting up a limited company they will have set a limit on their own liabilities. However, a decision in a recent court case resulted in the directors of a company being found liable for creditor claims in tort due to their actions...
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HMRC claim small businesses owe £14bn in taxes.

2 July 2019:  We last reported that the government is proposing a two month breathing space to struggling debtors. It has now also been reported that small businesses owe HMRC £14bn in taxes. The amount of uncollected tax has hit £35bn, with small businesses accounting for the largest percentage of the tax gap at £14bn...
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