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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Corporate Insolvency Q4 2018 Insolvency Statistics

30 January 2019:  The above statistics have been released this week and a summary of the key findings for 2018 are below:
  • Company liquidations increased by 9.7% to 14,269, the highest yearly total since 2013.
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidations totalled 11,152 (a 9.3 % increase) and compulsory liquidations totalled 3,117 (an 11.1% increase). Maybe the increase...
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Energy firms up in smoke

17 January 2019:  Eight energy companies went bust in 2018.  That’s around 10% of the total number of firms.  Fortunately for the consumer, gas and electric supplies continue in these scenarios.  The energy regulator Ofgem will usually select a competitor to transfer customers to and credit balances are also protected.  

Standing on Shifting Sands

11 January 2019: When a company finds itself unable to pay its debts, the directors of that company should be alive to a shift in their duties. When a company is solvent, the director has a duty to maximise value for shareholders but, when a company is insolvent, the director’s duty is owed primarily to...
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Signs that your customer may be experiencing financial difficulty

4 January 2019:  At BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency, we are fully aware of the numerous indicators that a company is suffering financial distress. Below are some warning signs that are easily identifiable and may provide an opportunity for you to be “one step in front” and get paid before a formal insolvency event occurs:
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