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Yearly Archives: 2019

Alternative lenders – is it a wise move?

6 November 2019:  The BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency offices are experiencing a marked increase in queries from companies who have obtained loans from alternative lenders, taken out to assist them with their short term cash-flow issues and also for the payment of liabilities to HMRC that have built up over time. These funds are...
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Nearly half a million businesses in financial distress

1 November 2019: It has been reported that just under 500,000 UK businesses are facing significant financial distress - areas that have been impacted include property, construction and real estate. The retail sector and the high streets have been severely affected in the past few years. The e-commerce retail division is now also feeling...
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Overhaul of airline insolvency process

28 October 2019: In the wake of the recent high profile collapse of Thomas Cook and the demise of Monarch Airlines in 2017, new legislation is to be put forward to reform the airline insolvency process in order to protect and repatriate passengers more effectively. The Airline Insolvency Review was set up by...
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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

9 October 2019:  Our Spalding office were recently approached with respect to assisting a company who make and fit curtains for both private and larger commercial properties. The company contained dedicated staff with specific skill sets tailored to the particular line of trade, unfortunately however, orders were drying up and had become insufficient to sustain the...
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Too good to be true?

3 October 2019:  BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency’s Northampton office were called with a query whereby the advice already received from an unregulated advisor appeared to be “too good to be true”. A summary below of the issue, advice received from the unregulated advisor and BRI’s subsequent advice: The issue: Company had ceased trading, no assets...
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Brexit Delays – resulting in increase in insolvency?

27 September 2019:  BRI’s team of Insolvency Practitioners has seen an increase in enquiries from distressed companies. In 2017 it was reported that we were likely to see an increase in insolvency due to Brexit delays. The number of appointments that BRI have taken in the last quarter was double that taken in the same...
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Registered Property Receivers – more than just bricks and mortar 

23 September 2019:  Having demonstrated his experience and knowledge to the relevant boards, we are pleased to announce that John Rimmer of BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency has been admitted as a member of the Registered Property Receivers (“RPR”) and Fellow of the Association of Property & Fixed Charge Receivers (“NARA”). This enables John to act...
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BRI’s annual charity day

18 September 2019:  The Canal & River Trust look after and bring to life 2,000 miles of waterways that connects hundreds of wildlife habitats and ensures 2,980 bridges, 1,580 locks and 335 aqueducts are open and ready to use for communities across the UK. BRI staff members from the Northampton, Milton Keynes, Coventry and Hitchin offices...
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If only it was that simple

13 September 2019: We were recently approached here at the BRI Milton Keynes office by a builder, not to sort out our issue with the guttering but in his capacity as a company director, who had the intention of liquidating his company. He had already been told by another firm that a voluntary liquidation...
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A new princess has arrived – ring out the bells!

10 September 2019: Harriet, daughter to Lauren and Mark Auburn and baby sister to Quinn is arrived safe and well. Mother and daughter are both doing well – and the rest of the family are doing okay too. Born on 5 September 2019, Harriet weighed in at 6lb and 9oz. Lauren and Mark thank all their...
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HMRC upping their game with recovery and insolvency proceedings

3 September 2019:  In the vast majority of corporate insolvency matters we advise on HMRC are a significant creditor. We are seeing a marked increase in the very early threat from HMRC  to either look to levy distraint over company assets or, worse still, issuing a winding-up petition (“WUP”) . HMRC will, generally, before issuing...
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Awareness of mental illness among debtors

27 August 2019:  BRI’s staff, including senior members, cashiers and the administration team, have all this month completed a full day of training which was geared to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst debtors. It is reported that people with debt problems are twice as likely to develop mental health problems and debt problems make...
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