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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Companies House quarterly release

30 November 2018:  Below are details from Companies House’s quarterly release about the number of companies on the register, newly incorporated companies and removals from the register.
  • Between July and September 2018, there were 164,424 new incorporations and 131,407 dissolutions in the UK. The number of dissolutions has continued to remain consistently high during 2018...
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Curling in Northamptonshire!

28 November 2018: Team members of BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency's Northampton office and their guests tried their hand at curling at Beckworth Emporium on Tuesday 27 November 2018. A great evening was had by all with no accidents being had and plenty of good old fashioned competitiveness. Below is a photo of all attendees and...
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Solvent Bankrupts – a very expensive lesson to learn

22 November 2018: In our Coventry office we have recently been dealing with three unrelated bankruptcies in which the bankrupts are solvent (assets greater than liabilities). We cannot be sure if there has been a recent increase in similar cases or if it just merely a coincidence that these three matters arose around...
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Insolvency Statistics

8 November 2018: The underlying number of corporate insolvencies rose in Q3 against both the previous quarter and against the same quarter in 2017. The main driver for growth was in Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations (“CVL”) which are now at their highest level since Q1 2012. Construction companies were hardest hit in the 12 months...
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Entrepreneurs Relieved

1 November 2018: Following much speculation as to the likely treatment of Entrepreneurs Relief in this weeks’ budget, the changes have, in fact, been modest. The whole Brexit, possible election and other disaster recovery plans mean that the sword of Damocles remains hanging over this most valuable relief in the medium-long term but, for...
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