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Monthly Archives: October 2018

When your tax liability figures don’t mirror those of HMRC

26 October 2018: The Hitchin office has dealt with a number of cases where the directors of companies have received notifications from HMRC that did not make sense or where HMRC were claiming amounts that had already been paid. One company received a claim letter and a notice that HMRC would issue insolvency proceedings...
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When things get personal

17 October 2018:  A director does not generally have personal liability for the debts of a company. However, at BRI we are seeing that, increasingly, directors hoping to save a company from the brink, will frequently put their own assets on the line, in order for the company to receive a much needed injection of...
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SJN Motors

UPDATE: 11 October 2018 SJN Motors Limited ceased to trade on Wednesday 10 October 2018. Customers  Please see below frequently asked questions: Is SJN Motors Limited permanently closed? Yes, the company ceased trading on 10 October 2018 with all employees being made redundant. The company is due to enter creditors’ voluntary liquidation on 7 November 2018. BRI Business...
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Seeking advice early is paramount

3 October 2018: At BRI Business Recovery we always recommend that, if a company is experiencing financial pressure, early advice is sought which will enable all options of recovery to be considered and, hopefully, without formal engagement of BRI. BRI’s current internal statistics evidence that only 17% of enquiries result in a formal engagement...
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