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Monthly Archives: July 2017

A Refreshing Change

28 July 2017: Alan Limb from BRI’s Southampton office explains the benefits of seeking our help at the earliest opportunity. Frequently we help businesses in financial difficulty whose owners have ignored the warning signs. When we meet them the delay has created a crisis with few options remaining for saving their business. In one memorable example, a...
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Professional Performance Pertaining to Petanque

14 July 2017: As many of you will no doubt be aware, the French find the English game of lawn bowls far too difficult and therefore invented a simpler variation of the game known as Petanque (ok, that statement may not be entirely true). The game involves competitors planting their feet (the clue is...
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Administration – payment in full to fixed charge holder

11 July 2017: Peter Windatt of BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency was appointed Administrator of a company on 27 January 2017. The matter is being dealt with by BRI’s Northampton Office with Peter securing the sale of the company’s goodwill in late May 2017. The company’s bank held a fixed and floating...
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