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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Will I lose my pension in bankruptcy?

31 August 2016:  A Trustee in bankruptcy can claim the surplus income of a bankrupt by way of an Income Payments Order (IPO) in which monthly contributions, usually for a period of 3 years, are paid into the bankruptcy estate.  When calculating an IPO, the Trustee can take into account all sources of...

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What a star

24 August 2016:  Vivienne Finch, an insolvency administrator at BRI’s Northampton office, was asked by her 5 year old daughter Abigail to allow her to donate 11 inches of her hair to Little Princess Trust. Abigail wanted to do it after hearing an older child at her school talking about the charity and...

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5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

23 August 2016:  Alan Limb, an Insolvency Practitioner from BRI’s Southampton office was asked recently by a Consultant, Dale Howarth, to offer his thoughts on why businesses fail. Alan’s response is summarised below.

In my career an Insolvency professional since 1991, I have advised numerous businesses in financial difficulty. There are common...

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An update on APNs

16 August 2016:  In November 2015 we wrote about how there has been an increase in enquiries regarding Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) and how these may impact businesses in the future. 

APNs issued by HMRC have led to businesses being threatened with only 90 days to pay the sums demanded or...

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What a monster!

4 August 2016:  Adam King from BRI’s Northampton office, when not dealing with insolvency related matters, likes to fish and we had previously reported in March his river record breaking 18lbs 4oz Barbel. Whilst his latest catch was not a record,  it was significantly bigger than the Barbel, as can been seen in the photograph...
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Exam success at BRI

29 July 2016: BRI Business Recovery & Insolvency are delighted to announce that two members of their insolvency team - Chris Murphy, based in Milton Keynes and Bob McDonald, based in our Northampton office, have both passed the Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) exams, which are the stepping stones to the higher insolvency...
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