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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Dealing with the Christmas credit hangover

23 December 2015: During the Christmas period, many individuals are faced with very specific pressures to incur credit, without necessarily considering the long term effects of doing so.  An unplanned increase in debt can have a devastating effect on the ability to maintain monthly repayments to creditors, causing a difficult start to the New Year. The...
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A modern Christmas tale – who let the dogs out?

21 December 2015: We met with a couple; together with the lady’s father they all attended the BRI head office in Northampton.  The lady’s partner had been running a company which had suffered a bad debt and, because of this, had recently ceased trading and had notified creditors accordingly. However, a bailiff, taking action in respect...
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It’s a boy!

18 December 2015: Unto us a child is born; we are pleased to announce that Lauren has had her baby. Unto us a son is given; and his name will be called - Quinn Daniel He was born on 28 November 2015 weighing in at 5lb and 8oz Mum, Dad and Quinn are all doing well. Lauren is hoping to come...
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Don’t use King Canute’s Courtiers for advice on your business

17 December 2015: BRI's Southampton office is based in Ocean Village. Nearby is the spot where King Canute reproved his Courtiers in the year 1028. The story is often misreported. King Canute did sit in his royal chair on the seashore as the tide was coming in an attempt to order the waves back. However,...
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Directors’ remuneration – the pitfalls

9 December 2015: In owner-managed companies, it is common for directors to pay themselves a modest salary (usually equivalent to the Personal Allowance) and to receive the balance of their remuneration package by way of dividends. This is often the most tax efficient way to manage the directors' remuneration. However, this can cause...
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Named and shamed for not paying the National Minimum Wage

8 December 2015: The Government recently named and shamed another 113 employers who have failed to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage (NMW). Nearly 400 employers have been named and shamed to date. Sectors include hairdressing, retail, education, catering and social care. Amongst the most recent to be named and shamed was top retailer,...
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Red or Yellow?

3 December 2015: BRI's Northampton Office held their pool tournament in November whereby 32 local professionals chose their weapon (a cue) and battle commenced. The standard was very good indeed with some groups being won by way of a play off. After nearly two hours of competition, Richard Fear from Lloyds and Barny Moyses...
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A much more constructive solution than liquidation

2 December 2015: The BRI Banbury office was approached to assist an Oxford based company working in the construction industry which has 60 employees, £1.7M of debtors and owed some £1.1M to creditors including, in large part, the Crown. No problem you might think. Assets are well in excess of liabilities. However, the Crown were threatening...
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Recent Closures Highlight Challenges for Tourism Sector

27 November 2015:  Alan Limb, from BRI's Southampton Office, considers the recent closure of three established tourist attractions on the Isle of Wight. The end of the Summer Season on the Isle of Wight in October this year brought the closure of three established, animal related tourist attractions. Colemans Farm Park near Newport offered a petting...
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